The Golden Bowl Service Mistakes that many people make with their makeup brushes

Mistakes that many people make with their makeup brushes

Mistakes that many people make with their makeup brushes post thumbnail image

If you have been doing your homework, I’m very sure that you have realized creating a perfect makeup look is all about using the right makeup and quality best makeup brushes. Apart from just using the best makeup brushes, how you handle your brushes will also determine whether they will last long or not. There are many mistakes that people do make that later end up destroying their brushes. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how they can be avoided
Using an eye crease makeup brush that is big
This is the number one mistake that many people make while using makeup brushes. You should not confuse eyeshadow brushes with eyeshadow crease makeup brushes. Never at one point think of using them interchangeably. When you use an eye crease brush that is too big, the shadow will end up spreading too much. Therefore, when you are looking for a crease brush, it will be better to go for a brush that is smaller than the usual eye shadow brush.
Using too much pressure
When you are sweeping your makeup brushes across your cheeks, make sure to use light pressure. Make sure that the brush doesn’t bend on your cheeks. After dipping the brush into a powder, shake it first before use. That way, you will get rid of excess and unwanted powder.
Using the same brush for everything
This is the worst mistake that you will ever make with your best makeup brushes. There are different types of brushes and each one of them has a use. Just because you want to save means you should use one or two brushes for every application. You may have a favorite brush but use the right brush for the right makeup application. That’s the only way to take good care of your brushes.

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